Chelsea 1-1 The Wednesday (1919-20 First Division)

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20 March 1920
Chelsea 1 - 1 The Wednesday Venue: Stamford Bridge
Attendance: 47,000
Referee: AF Kirby
Lee Goal 2nd
Gill Goal 1st

1919-20 season
First Division:
Everton (A)Sunderland (H)Everton (H)Sunderland (A)Newcastle (H)Newcastle (A)Burnley (H)Burnley (A)
Liverpool (H)Liverpool (A)Bradford PA (A)Bradford PA (H)Preston (A)Preston (H)Middlesbrough (A)Middlesbrough (H)
Arsenal (A)Arsenal (H)Sheffield Utd (A)Aston Villa (A)Oldham (H)Sheffield Utd (H)Oldham (A)Man Utd (A)Man Utd (H)
Bradford City (A)Bradford City (H)Bolton (A)Bolton (H)Blackburn (H)Blackburn (A)Notts County (A)Notts County (H)
Wednesday (H)Aston Villa (H)Man City (H)Wednesday (A)Man City (A)Derby (H)Derby (A)West Brom (H)West Brom (A)
FA Cup:
1st Round: Bolton | 2nd Round: Swindon | 3rd Round: Leicester | 4th Round: Bradford PA | Semi Final: Aston Villa

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